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Seyang Electronics will always be with you as
The 1st One Global company leading technology innovation in
semiconductor and display Industry.

Welcome to our Homepage.
I would like to express sincerest gratitude to our all valued customers and visitors.
Since its establishment in year 2000 with the purpose to supply semiconductor, display equipment and parts, Seyang Electronics has firmly established its business base as a global company with R&D and technological innovation for securing the core source technology. We are continuing to invest in expanding our business scope and improving our business structure.
In the future, Seyang Electronics will achieve the goal to grow into a global leading manufacturer of semiconductor equipment and component, which contributes to the related industry through surface treatment technology and inspection technology.

In addition, we will do our best to become a company that can contributes to happiness of mankind and enrichment as a leader, not only pursues growth of company but also leads innovation in advanced digital world.

I would hope for your continued interest and encouragement to the future of Seyang Electronics.
Thank you very much. Seyang Electronics President Steve Cho